5 Things Wedding Planners Wish They Could Tell You

1. We do not feel comfortable getting direction from anyone but those who signed the contract. If we’ve been planning your wedding for over a year and we’ve agreed on burgandy napkins for the guests, there is no way we’re taking directions from your aunt the day of who is demanding grey napkins!  2. Some of us have anxiety about posting on social media. The second we upload our happy anything personal like a night out with friends or the times we're on vacation we automatically feel guilty. Please respect our personal time and avoid sending texts or emails that start out with “Hey I know you’re on vacation on a beautiful island finally taking a break from the world but I want to talk about my wedding." It’s straight up inconsiderate. .  3. Our heart crushes when you hire low budget vendors! It makes a huge difference on how your day is flowing when you hire good quality creatives. A lot of things go down behind the scenes that you'll never hear about. Planners are sick of babysitting vendors that don't know what the heck they're doing!

4. At time rehearsals can be really frustrating for us! There is nothing worst than dealing with a group of adults that act like children. Your bridal party has one simple job, it's to listen. We shouldn't have to do the rehearsal over 5 times because your friends can't take simple directions. Tell your bud Peter to act his age and stop making fart noises under his arm. Not cute. 5. We dont like last minute changes. Its bad enough if you want to make changes the week before your wedding but the night before is completely unfair to us. Your timeline changes effect all of your vendors. It's a huge headache for us to revise everything the night before we prep for you big day. 

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