A Greenhouse Fairytale

From the Couple:

“Our story started in Las Vegas! I was in the closing cast of Jubilee, and Tim had just gotten back from Tokyo and was there to see some friends in the show. In between performances, I was on my way to get coffee with a show mate and as soon as I stepped out all I saw was this tall beautiful man, with a huge smile and big gorgeous bright white teeth surrounded by showgirls. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, I walked slowly up to him and stood there in a daze from 3ft away, just staring. My friend who was eager to get her coffee nudged me and asked was I ok? All I could respond with was “isn’t he the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen?” She’s married by the way, so no! Feeling awkward and ignored I went and got that cup of coffee. But I’m very persistent! I texted one of my friends and asked her about her friend. He’s single, he’s a great guy, funny, and really really sweet. Music to my ears!!! Found out his name, did a little Facebook stalking, and built up enough courage to message him. To my surprise, he was actually moving out of Vegas to Orlando. But we decided to meet anyway.

When we got together it felt like we’d known each other for and infinite amount of years. It felt right, it felt old and new all at the same time. It was magical!

Our story progressed quite quickly. We met a week before Christmas, made it official in January, made a cross country trip from Orlando to move home back to Vegas, and then to California.

He proposed in October of that same year in Hawaii. He took me to this beautiful what we thought was a secluded beach, and as we’re walking down this gorgeous rocky sandy path, we come across this completely nude man! In the process of me trying to assure the man that it was ok, and we’ll head back. The freaked out man was even more freaked out that it looked more like I was pointing and yelling at him. Definitely not my intention at all. So that happened. We did head back the other way, and because I’m easily distracted I had no idea that Tim was setting up a camera to video the proposal that was about to take place. I of course screamed YES!!!

We now live back in beautiful sunny Southern California, and work at the most magical place on earth Disneyland!! We have 2 beautiful dogs Ava and Yoli, and we’re still writing our fairytale love story.”

Photographer: Melissa Fe Chapman Photography

Rings: Sunny Days Ring Box

Calligrapher: Fioribelle

Tux: Friar Tux

Dress: Mia Riley Designs

Decor: Rustic Peony Co

Rentals: Honeywood Events

Venue: The Greenhouse PNOC

Cake: CocoaBerry Cake Co.

Floral Designers: New Creation Floral Design Soleil Flowers

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