Confessions of a Wedding Florist

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Hey Diversity Wedding Magazine Family! My name is Valen Ibarra I’m a florist in Denver Colorado and I specialize in bespoke, ethereal designs with a modern twist. I’ve been in the floral industry for over 7 years. I’ve owned and operated my own business Blumenhaus for 2 years. I’m married, I’ve lived in Denver my whole life. I love flowers (of course), coffee,poetry and fashion. I love making people laugh and I live for deep convos. I’m so excited to take you guys on this journey with me and finally tell some of the crazy situations I’ve been in. I’ve

seen so much. I decided to create this series to help other entrepreneurs avoid some of the heartache and manipulation I’ve endured. I’m just like a cool older sister keeping it real, even when I’m in the wrong I’ll keep it real.

Life is about learning and growing and I have so many life lessons to share. Everyone always asks me for the tea in the floral industry or wedding industry and I finally feel confident and

secure enough in my craft and in myself to open up. On this journey I’m going to tell you positive and negative situations I’ve been in with photographers, models, other florists, Clients and wedding professionals. I’ve been dying to read something like I’m writing so I figured why not just do something I wish I could see. Who knows maybe we could have some guest florists or wedding professionals do their own confessions. I mean no two

confessions are the same.


Let’s dive into the tea that sparked the confession series, the other day my sister in law tagged me in one of those trendy babies breath posts and asked me if I could create something similar. I was like girrrlll not only have I done a bouquet like that I have pics, so I send her the pics and she’s like omg these are gorgeous when did you do these. They were from my Valentine’s Day photoshoot. I invited a bunch of people to the shoot including a “best friend”who was so completely unsupportive and blew me off, but that’s tea for another day. So anyways I do this shoot, invite friends over, we have a blast and it was honestly one of the best times ever. Another model approaches us to ask what we are doing and I go into my whole “I’m Valen with Blumenhaus” thing. LOL. She seems super intrigued so I suggested for her to jump in and snag a few pics, all I ask is that you credit me. She agrees and is overjoyed. The shoot finishes so I gift everyone who came with a free bouquet. The energy was so good! Flash forward a few days and I get wonderful pics, everyone is posting having a good time and this model from the shoot posts her pics of herself with the free bouquet I gave her and doesn’t even credit me! She doesn’t even credit the florals at all.

Being a Pisces I took it a little personally, I told a few friends and they went to go politely comment “heyaren’t these Blumenhaus” she took it as disrespectful and gave me an explanation of she had a long day and it slipped her mind. However the photographer and the clothing company she was modeling for was credited. I kinda felt like, honey if you’re going to be in an industry and not credit people who not only gave you amazing content but gave you free content you’re never going to succeed. She ended up never purchasing any florals from me and unfollowed me later on. She still has the pics up which was a life lesson. I shouldn’t have made the shoot about models I should have focused on the flowers. That was my own fault, I should have just taken her compliment and left it at that. Sometimes I do a little too much, if that makes sense - I’m working on it, I’m a bit of a people pleaser and sometimes I really aggravate myself.

Speaking of models another Denver model contacted me over the summer andwanted to do one of the fun floral shoots I occasionally host. I came up with a greenhouse idea with flower crowns and touches of witchcraft. I was pumped. If you know me you know I love dark things, I love witchcraft. Halloween is my favorite holiday. So we go back and forth planning one epic shoot. The day comes I get everything designed with a few surprises because again I’m doing the most. I text her to let her know I’m on the way and she says what do you mean I thought we were shooting tomorrow. I went back to the messages and no we were clearly shooting the day I had. I let her know I’m booked the next day and won’t be able to do it. She then informs me we’d have to reschedule, she apologized and I was a little irritated but figured we’d connect again.

Her and I were trading services. So I wasn’t too upset. Weeks go by we go back and forth trying to get things rescheduled and our schedules just didn’t line up. I had other projects that needed my attention so I figured I’d hear from her when she had some free time. One day on Instagram I’m scrolling through and can you believe, this girl went to another florist in Denver and did the EXACT shoot verbatim that I described. She even said she was helping this florist promote flower crown!. My jaw was on the floor! I was in absolute disbelief. I never said anything I just removed her from my social media, because who has time for that. I mean this for sure is in no way the other florists fault, there is no way she could have known. It’s just the boldness that gets me. I jokingly told my sister I should just start charging for ideas. What also kinda sucked is the other florist is one of the more bigger florists in the area. I look at myself as more of an indie brand. I’m definitely constantly working towards being one of Denver’s biggest florists, that would be an actual dream come true. Models can be huge assets to the work I do, a lot of them are so sweet and have also became some of my best clients. They also can be one of your biggest supporters. There have been so many models I’ve worked with that have not only promoted me but never asked for my services for free. Even when I gifted a model with free flowers they’d Venmo me a tip or grab me a coffee, now that’s good energy. I’ve actually realized that the people who believe in you and your art will gladly pay you and people who ask for freebies always end up.. in confessions of a florist. I wish I could add the crying laughing emoji.

I hope you guys enjoyed the lavender tea, in the next few posts I’m going to get more into photographers, wedding professionals, business friendships, and more so stay tuned!

- Valen of Blumenhaus

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