Curly Hairstyles for Brides

If you're a curly-girl you've probably struggled with not appreciating your hair at one point of your life and you were probably consistently straightening your hair not giving your hair a break from the heat. Well, that was 90% of my childhood. Curly hair was hard to manage as a kid in middle school. It was different from my other friends, I didn't understand it and I didn't grow to love it until I became older.

When I was planning my wedding the thought crossed my mind of wearing my hair curly or straight. I searched through wedding magazines and found very little options for a brown girl that looked like me with a similar hair texture. One of the few regrets I had after my wedding was not wearing my hair at it's natural state. It's taking me nearly my whole life to embrace how beautiful and unique my hair is, I wish I'd seen more brides rocking their curls!

So if you're on the fence, this post is for you!

Photographer: Michelle Lippert

Photographer: Marissa Rose

Photographer: Chantell Rae

Photographer: Sarah Price

Photographer: Brittany Droses

Photographer: Marissa Rose

Photographer: Madame Poppy

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