How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

You’ve started a workout regime and changed your diet and even banned alcohol, now don’t let all your hard work go to waste. To maximize the results of all those wedding workouts, stick to dress styles that flatter your figure. Here are five common body types and what to wear for each.

If you’re a pear shape…

Deemphasize your hips with a gown style that flares at or above your natural waist. Consider a classic A-line dress or a flowing gown with an empire waist. Exciting necklines and detailed bodices also help draw the eye upward, taking the focus off the lower half of your body.

If you’re an apple shape… Take the attention off your midsection with an open neckline, a full V-neck or sweetheart. You should also look for softly draped fabrics that won’t constrict your tummy and styles with asymmetrical ruching or beading that visually nip in the waist.

If you’re curvy…

Embrace those curves with a gown that shows off your hourglass figure. A mermaid style or dropped-waist dress is ideal, though pretty much anything with a fitted bodice will enhance your sexy shape.

If you’re tall and slender…

Want to downplay your height and create some sexy curves? Stick to more voluminous silhouettes. To

accentuate your slim shape, go with a sheath instead—the slim styles cling to your body for a sexier take on

the typical wedding dress.

Here are some of our best dress shopping tips. Grab your bridal note pad and a pen…Let’s get started:

Don’t wait until the last minute. Start shopping at least nine to six months

ahead of your big day. You’ll want plenty of time for ordering and alterations.

Also, early shopping will save you the headache of having to settle for a short

production dress or being rushed to order.

Work with a shop that will treat you right. At Elite Secrets Bridal, we roll out the red carpet, so you have a stellar experience with knowledgeable experts. We love all our brides but pride ourselves on offering gorgeous options for

curvy brides. No rude treatment or limited options at ESB!

Plan for your appointment. This is one of the best shopping experiences

ever, so take it seriously. Get a good night’s rest before your date. Avoid

alcohol and salty foods, too. Most importantly, silence your inner critic and

come with a great attitude. Feeling good on the inside will almost guarantee

looking good on the outside.

Choose your tribe wisely. Good vibes and positive tribes can take your dress

shopping experience to a whole other level. Invite folks that get you and want

the best for you. After all, this is the most fun part of the wedding planning

process, and a Debbie Downer can ruin everything.

Hire a good seamstress. A great seamstress is your best friend. And, you’re in

luck because we have an Ah-mazing seamstress on-site. If your dream dress

needs straps or bra cups to help enhance your look, we’ve got you covered.

Invest in this worthy service. You won’t regret it.

Have fun! If you take one thing away from this post, having fun should be it! If

you aren’t having fun doing this, then you are doing it all wrong. Grab your

tribe, live it up and pop the champagne!

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