Iliana and Jon's Mountain Wedding

The love that was present at this Garrison wedding was palpable from early in the day, right through the party, at the end of the night! Iliana and Jon have been together for 11 years and they were both as giddy to get married as couples I've known who are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship! Absolute giddiness after 11 years is such a beautiful example of true connection. Jon was in tears the second he saw Iliana during their first look and they both wept as they shared their vows. Jon mentioned some things during his vows that gave me chills, so I can only imagine what those words meant to Iliana. It was such a pleasure to get to capture a love like this and to be part of a day filled with so many beautiful memories. - Nicole Nero


Venue: The Garrison

Photographer: Nicole Nero Studio

Videographer: Gardenhouse Films

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