Javier & Joshua

We first met at Columbia University, where Josh was an undergraduate student and Javi a masters student in cultural anthropology. We met at an event on the intersections of queer identity and immigration (we’re nerds) and Josh decided to ask Javi out for a coffee. At first, Josh totally thought he was in the friend zone, but after three dates we shared our first kiss on Josh’s stoop after we got caught in the rain after a dinner out. Totally cliché, but it actually happened like that!

We actually proposed to each other! We had been living together for three years and talk about marriage came up a lot. We both knew it was something we wanted but were a little lost on who should propose and why one of us should have the privilege (or punishment) of proposing to the other. So we decided to go through the process of designing our rings together and getting them made at a local jeweler in Philadelphia, where we were living at the time. Once they were done, we cooked a nice brunch for two, popped a bottle of champagne, and exchanged rings and cards that listed the reasons why we wanted to marry each other.

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset

The Parisian Photographers

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