Love at first sight

Kamila and Mitch shared a love at first sight story, well at least Mitch does.  He can remember the exact moment he saw Kamila walking into the bar where he and his friends were at, waiting for this blind date hoping it would't be an awkward night.  Time slowed down, almost like the scene of a movie as this Brazilian firecracker walks by the window, up the stairs and through the door. He knew, this girl is different, she is special.  The rest is history, they fall in love and their wedding day is here! Family traveling from all across the country and world have gathered to celebrate this amazing couple. The whole day was filled with lots of laughs, special intimate moments and just a ton of love! With family traveling all across America, as well as from Brazil! From the father daughter first look, the beautiful ceremony at the shattering silence monument, the special speech spoken in Portuguese for Kamila’s family, to the dancing and celebrations! This was a day that will be remembered by all who was there! I feel so blessed to be a wedding photographer and get to witness so much joy and happiness and met such amazing people.

Photographer: Kirstie Veatch Photography

Video: Leah Rose Productions

Florals: Boesen Florist

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