Melissa & Mari

Melissa met Mari in 2014 when she attended one of her work out classes in San Clemente, CA. After several classes, they started chatting and realized they shared a love for football. Mari is from a small town in Washington called Yakima, so she is by birth a Seahawks fan. Melissa grew up in Orange County and had no ties to any football team until college when she became a Steelers fan (Although she went to UCSD, the Chargers never won her over). One day as they were gearing up for pre-season football, Mari asked Melissa to go with her to a Seahawks/Chargers game (even though Melissa despised both teams). Decked out in her Steelers gear, Melissa drove with Mari for a weekend trip to San Diego. It was the first time we ever hung together outside of the gym. It was on this trip that they learned the most about each other and became instant friends! It wasn't until 2017 that their friendship blossomed into something more! Over the course of 3 years, through travel adventures, Masters programs and late night talks, Melissa & Mari knew they wanted more out of their friendship. Finally in 2017, Mari decided to share her feelings on a trip to Cancun and they have been together ever since!

Paul Douda Photography

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